FIA Homologated seats for professionals

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To gain FIA approval, Cobra seats have to undergo the most stringent testing imaginable – it makes Cobra one of the safest motorsport seats you can buy.

Every component of a Cobra motorsport seat is meticulously designed to ensure that it offers the ultimate in driver comfort and safety.

The foams we use are rate-sensitive: while the foam slowly deflects under sustained pressure, they behave like stiffer foams when they receive an impact. The foams ability to dissipate energy prevents them from bottoming out and virtually no energy is returned to the impacting body.

Metal components are precision engineered in our workshops to tolerances of less than 0.5mm, whilst seat shells are manufactured in laboratory conditions to guarantee consistency, quality and strength.

Cobra prides itself on keeping one step ahead of the competition which is why we have been the choice of champions time and time again.

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