Schroth iNDi Seat® System
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Cobra’s PRO-FIT Ultralite may provide the best driving position for 99% of drivers but there are rare occasions when your requirements are even more specific.

The Schroth Racing iNDi Seat® System provides the most technically advanced driver moulded seats available today.

So good it is used by Formula 1 teams – as well as by leading competitors in motorsports as varied as World Rally Championships, NASCAR and GP2.

Schroth Racing iNDi Seat® Technology has also helped to revolutionise driver change over at the Le Mans 24 hour race.

Using a unique bead mix, slow cured resins and a vacuum system Schroth Racing iNDi Seats® are custom moulded to provide the best seating position for performance, safety and comfort.

The Schroth Racing iNDi Seat® sealed casting bag and valve method ensures trouble free seat making and Cobra’s unrivalled finishing skills guarantee that your seat will look as good as it performs.

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